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What is Self Serve Automotive

Self Serve Automotive allows people to hire a car hoist, DIY Auto Modify/ Repair/Service your car yourself all provided, we provide workbench, tools and space all available on demand. Car hoists significantly decrease stress when working on your car. As such Self Serve Automotive has made it out our mission to provide car hoists as well as other facilities. Doing it on the street with just a jack will only get you so far, with minimal clearance and longer prep time, coming down to Self Serve Automotive will half that time and add little costs on top of your DIY. Located in Dandenong.

For those who don't want to DIY and just want the work done for an affordable price, we have teamed up with 'Protelligen Motors' who provide affordable and professional work!


Modern Workshop

With a modern set up, easy layout and cool wall art SSA prides itself on working with customers to ensure a fun and helpful culture. Great vibes is a must, cool cars are a given and sweet exhausts sounds are mandatory.


The cost associated with going to the mechanic is overwhelming to say the least. With YouTube and its ‘HOW TO’ videos as well as knowledgeable friends, SSA understands the needs for a facility that allows people the best possible opportunity to do it themselves.

Best Price

Priced extremely competitively SSA is adamant to maintain the low cost associated with DIY’s. Not only affordable, it is more efficient to service your car yourself at SSA.

Quick Support

SSA offers a variety of HOW TO workshops. These workshops will vary considerably, from basic services to detailing tips and tricks. Stay tuned to know what’s on during the month. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date.

If you want a qualified professional mechanic to repair or service your car for an affordable price check out.
Protelligen Motors